A data management plan (DMP) is a structured document which keeps record of what research data is created or reused within a project and what happens to that data during and after the project. This includes information about the origin of the data and contextual information relating to the data collection process, but also about possible restrictions on access to that data, as well as citability, long-term availability and, if necessary, deletion.

A DMP helps with planning the research process and defining responsibilities in a research project involving several researchers or institutions. This also allows to identify possible expenditure of resources at an early stage.

You can find more information on DMPs and our guide "How to write a data management plan (DMP)" on our DMP website.

TU Wien DMP Tool is an online service that integrates with other systems at TU Wien and thus facilitates DMP creation. 

The tool guides you step by step through the different sections of a DMP and saves you work by

  • pre-filling content with detailed information from TISS and other systems
  • providing wizards, guidance, and item lists to choose from
  • suggesting answers that you can either comply with or adjust to your needs.

Once you have completed all steps, you get a pre-filled DMP as a Word document that you can customize and use for submission to funders.

All members of TU Wien can use TU Wien DMP Tool to generate a DMP for their projects.

Yes. You can assign editing rights for your DMP to other TUW members:

  • Go to “My DMPs”
  • Find the DMP in your list and click on the three dots on the right side
  • Choose the option “Edit access”
  • Tick the “Editor” box next to the person you want to give editing rights to.

If the name you are looking for is not shown, click on the “Go to living document” button, go to step 2 “People involved in data management”, add the person to the list and try again.

Depending on the funder, TU Wien DMP Tool provides different export options:

Please contact us, if you need to fulfil any other template requirements.

Due to the fact that TU Wien DMP Tool is connected to other services at TU Wien, it provides a high level of automation. Hence, it makes your life easier!

You can only use the tool if you are working within the TU Wien network or connected via VPN.

The tool displays all projects you have created in the TISS project database, regardless of their status, as long as the funder information is already inserted. In addition, you can use the search function to find any other active project in the project database. Projects created by others and still in preparation are not displayed.

All datasets within the TU Wien Research Data repository are also indexed and findable through the OpenAIRE network. Because of the high volume of research data produced every day by researchers in Europe, this list of datasets cannot be indexed immediately. Instead, it will take from a few weeks up to two months for a newly created dataset to be included in the network. After this period, your dataset will be findable by the TU Wien DMP Tool as well.

Once you have completed all steps, you can export your DMP as a Word document or as JSON. The JSON DMP is compatible with the RDA recommendation on machine actionable DMPs, opens an external URL in a new window.