The reactor is controlled by four nuclear channels, their signals are displayed both at a  graphic-monitor and at bar graph indicators.

a) The auto-ranging wide-range channel (OPM) controls the reactor power from the source level (around 5 mW) up to nominal power of 250 kW. It uses a Campbell fission chamber. The signal passes over a range switch which selects the power range. If the signal of this channel exceeds the selected power range for more than 10%, the reactor is shut down automatically.

b) Two independent linear channels (IPM) using compensated ionization chambers control the reactor power from the source level up to nominal power.

c) For the control of reactor pulse operation an uncompensated ionization chamber (PPM) is used. This chamber measures the shape of the reactor pulse which is displayed on the graphic monitor. Further pulse data like integrated power are calculated from this signal.

Reactor instrumentation