Alexander Imre and Panukorn Sombut at the awards session
© Jiri Pavelec & Alexander Imre

Honors for two presentations of the Surface Physics Group at the 2023 AVS Symposium: Panukorn Sombut was awarded the Graduate Student Presentation…

Professor Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon
© Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon

We welcome Professor Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon, head of the new research group "Physics of Three-dimensional Nanomaterials".

four people in the lab

A well-known mineral is once again the center of attention thanks to applications in electronics: the Vienna University of Technology shows that mica…

Ein Doktorhut, dahinter eine Graphenstruktur

Völlig neue Phänomene werden mit 2D-Materialien möglich – sie sind das zentrale Thema des Doktoratskollegs „TU-D“ an der TU Wien, das jetzt mit…