Portrait of Erich Söllner

With great sadness we announce that our colleague Erich Söllner has passed on April 12, 2024. Erich Söllner was deeply invested in TU Wien and the…

[Translate to English:] 3D magnetic nanowires

Nanomagnetism in three dimensions: The Why, How and What

by Prof. Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco

on 18th April at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2).


a cloud and a piece of feldspar, and a schematic of its atomic structure

Feldspar is very common in rocks. As atmospheric dust, this mineral contributes efficiently to cloud formation. Researchers at TU Wien have now…

Alexander Imre and Panukorn Sombut at the awards session
© Jiri Pavelec & Alexander Imre

Honors for two presentations of the Surface Physics Group at the 2023 AVS Symposium: Panukorn Sombut was awarded the Graduate Student Presentation…

Professor Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon
© Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon

We welcome Professor Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco Chicon, head of the new research group "Physics of Three-dimensional Nanomaterials".