Our working is interested in the understanding of the fundamental interactions. In the domain of nuclear physics this is mainly the strong interaction. Connected with this is the research on the strongly interacting particles, the hadrons. The internal structure of the hadrons, which are built up of quarks, is described by quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Members of the group are working in one of the most active branches of this theory, Lattice QCD, in particular with the vortex model of quark confinement.
Another focus of interest is the investigation of a special type of wave phenomena, the so-called solitons. These phenomena throw new light on the wave-particle dualism and may lead to a deeper understanding of the wave character of elementary particles.

Some of the illustrations were taken from Visualizations of Quantum Chromodynamics, opens an external URL in a new window, Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM) and Department of Physics, University of Adelaide, 5005 Australia. Copyright © 2003, 2004


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