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Research Group 3D Printing and Biofabrication

Our research is dealing with the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and bioprinting for tissue engineering and regeneration. Therefore, the group is very interdisciplinary with team member backgrounds ranging from material science to biology and laser physics. In particular, the “3D Printing und Biofabrication” research group is renowned for the development of multiphoton lithography (MPL) technologies for engineering of biomimetic 3D cell culture matrices, realization of novel tissue engineering scaffolds and microfluidic applications. MPL is outstanding among other AM technologies as it can produce features even smaller than a single mammalian cell (down to around 100 nm). The scanning electron (SEM) image below show a castle 3D printed directly on a tip of a pencil. This work won our group a Wikipedia Science Competition award, opens an external URL in a new window. Our recent breakthroughs on the material development side enabled the use of MPL for direct fabrication of cell-containing constructs, giving rise to High-Definition Bioprinting.

Here you can find a video explaining the MPL process:

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Castle on a pencil tip via nano-scale 3D-printing

Photos in different enlargement of the fairytale castle on the tip of the pencil

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Photos in different enlargement of the fairytale castle on the tip of the pencil


group picture E308-02-3

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Univ.Prof. Aleksandr Ovsianikov

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