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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

We are a team of mechanical engineers, materials scientists and chemists led by Prof. Liska, Prof. Ovsianikov and Prof. Stampfl. Our goal is to conduct research in the field of lithography-based additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing). Although our focus is on the materials, we aim to cover the complete process chain from initiators to thermoset polymers to system design and development and thermo-mechanical characterization of the resulting parts and materials. Further details on our work on multiphoton lithography can be found in the following book.

What is AMT?

Additive Manufacturing Technologies refers to manufacturing techniques that build up three-dimensional structures by sequentially adding material. Typically, this is done by dividing a part into thin layers and sequentially stacking them, layer by layer. Other terms that could describe the same class of methods are 3D printing, Solid Freeform Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, Layered Fabrication or Additive Fabrication Technologies. For a discussion of naming conventions, see this article.

Univ.Prof. Jürgen Stampfl

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Univ.Prof. Aleks Ovsianikov

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Univ.Prof. Robert Liska

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