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Dr. Stefan Konlechner

Senior Scientist 

Research Group Leadership & Strategy | Institute of Management Science


Dr. Stefan Konlechner is a Senior Scientist at the Leadership & Strategy Group of the Institute of Management Science at the TU Vienna. Previously, he held research and teaching positions at WU Vienna and JKU Linz. He received his doctorate in 2010 on the topic of strategic learning in organizations.He is a trained systemic coach. Stefan has led research projects on the link between human resource management and ambidexterity, as well as on how to deal with the challenges of digital transformation in Austrian companies. Since 2018, he has been the editor of the Austrian Management Review, a journal that supports knowledge transfer between theory and practice.

Research and Teaching

Stefan's main research interest is the balance between stability and change in organizations. He uses various conceptual approaches to explain the dynamics of organizational change processes. These include the concepts of ambidexterity, dynamic capabilities, and the sensemaking perspective. His research has been published in a number of leading international journals. He is co-author of books on co-determination at Austrian universities and on the integration of social parameters into executive compensation systems. Stefan has given more than 60 presentations at international conferences. His research has received several awards from the Strategic Management Society.

Stefan teaches Change Management, Human Resource Management, Group Dynamics and Team Development, Organization, Leadership and Scientific Writing at various universities and executive development programs.

Selected Publications

  • Keller, Arne/Konlechner, Stefan/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Reischauer, Georg (2022). Overcoming path-dependent dynamic capabilities, Strategic Organization, 14761270221125807.
  • Konlechner, Stefan/Ambrosini, Veronique (2019): Issues and trends in causal ambiguity research: a review and assessment. Journal of Management, 45(6), 2352-2386.
  • Konlechner, Stefan/Latzke, Markus/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Höfferer, Elisabeth (2019): Prospective sensemaking, frames and planned change interventions: A comparison of change trajectories in two hospital units. Human Relations, Vol. 72, 706-732.
  • Konlechner, Stefan/Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H. (2018): A dynamic capabilities perspective on managing technological change: a review, framework and research agenda. International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 76, 188-213.
  • Konlechner, Stefan/Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Koprax, Irina/Link, Karin (2016): A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Role of Artifacts in Interpretive Schema Change. Schmalenbach Business Review, Vol. 17, 129-150.