Today, communities are facing a lot of new challenges. New planning methods have to cover not only zoning and building codes but also financial and organizational aspects. The hypothesis is that if the following aspects of facility management are already involved in an early stage of the planning process, the effectiveness of the planning results will be significantly increased:

  • Life cycle orientation (investment and operation costs as well as revenues of the planned actions)
  • Optimization of the municipal organization to safeguard the implementation of the strategic plans

The definition of the strategic goals of the municipality and afterwards the definition of lead projects, which include a master plan with zoning changes but also other tasks, and the immediate evaluation of the monetary impact of the a master plan are the important steps of this new approach. In many case studies it also proved that beside the demand of a change of the zoning, it is also necessary to optimize the internal organization of the municipality to safeguard the realization of the planned goals and the efficient use of resources.

Contact Persons: Alexander Redlein