New Ways of Working and Workplace Management – not only to enable but to empower the human being

New Ways of Working demonstrates key trends of Workplace and Work environment. The impact of digitalization strives the development of future workplace management.

Workplace Management can be challenging. The expectations we have are to be ready for new practices and environments. Traditionally, Company’s main target is to reduce financial and environmental impact. At the same time, adapting the workplace should cover the needs of the employees to improve their efficiency and productivity. Of course, workplace management implies not only the workplace but the whole infrastructure. Human beings want to communicate with other human beings. The staff will come into work to collaborate in person. Workplace Management in the digital transformation means not only to get into the cloud and the digital world, but also to focus on human-centered workplaces. This requires a focus on the user experience of design and manage their work environment. In order to meet expectations well, all existing technical, organizational, procedural and work-related resources must be included in the workplace management process. When done right, the rewards of workplace change can be significant.

The IFM focuses two main areas:

  1. Workplace Usability
  2. Impact of Digital Transformation on Workplace Management

Contact person: Eva Stopajnik and Lisa Thrainer