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Dr. Marita Haas

Marita Haas is a Consultant for Gender & Diversity. From 2013 - 2017 she was a member of our Department.


Phone: +43 699 111 81651


Research Interests

The Gendered Organization; Girls in STEM; Female Biographies & Life Stories

2013-2017: Female Biography Analysis: Identity Constructions in Male-dominated vs. Female-dominated Professions. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, Project N. T556-G17

Current Papers & Research Projects:

Can we ever not do gender? (West & Zimmerman, 1987) - My research is driven from critical thinking and a de-constructive approach. When I look at my qualitative data (such as interviews, daily interaction processes, observations..) I ask myself – what does this situation/this imply? How could I view it from another point of view? Gender is one of the main drivers in my research as it organizes social relations: Shared stereotypes and related role-expectations coordinate our behavior.



Recent Presentations & Talks:

  • Sexismus im Bewerbungsgespräch, @Forum Curriculum Vitae, Business Riot 2018, March, 8th, 2018, Donauhof Wien, Vienna
  • Fem'Circle: Sexismus Coping Techniques & Strategies: Der Workshop für den Arbeitsalltag, Wissenstransfer (WTZ) Ost, 14th June 2017, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Arbeitsplatz Wissenschaft: Ein Risikoberuf und seine Nebenwirkungen auf das Familienleben (Workplace "Science": a risky profession and its side effects on family life), Austrian Institute for Family Studies, November, 3rd 2016 @Juridicum, University of Vienna 
  • Do (not) publish with your former supervisor! The ambivalent construction of independence in a scientific career. STS conference “Sociotechnical Environments”, November 24-26, 2016, Universita di Trento. (peer reviewed)
  • Report of the FEMtech Networking Event of October, 3rd 2016: FEMtech Netzwerktreffen: Bilder im Kopf - Karrieren - Arbeitswelt, by FEMtech the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) supports women in science and industry
  • How Biographical Research adds to Organizational Theory.9th Biennal International Interdisciplinary Conference Keele University, England, 29th of June – 1st of July 2016 (peer reviewed)
  • The neglected body of the female scientist. 15th Annual Conference on Critical Issues in Science, Technology, and Society Studies Graz, 9-10th of May, 2016 (peer reviewed)

Research Cooperation:

Research Networks:

Current Teaching:

My seminars are based on the idea that research is an iterative process of data collection, analysis and reflection. While teaching, I adopt an interactive approach, encouraging all the students to actively and critically participate in discussions and presentations. Open communication, allowing pitfalls, misunderstandings and devious routes serve as a basis for joint development of ideas and learning

  • WS 2017: Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt: Women in engineering and natural sciences- a biographical perspective
  • WS 2017: University of Vienna: Career choices of adolescents in the context of biography and institutions
  • SS 2017: University of Vienna: Gender at Work/in Educational Institutions
  • WS 2016: University of Goettingen: Qualitative Interviews as Survey Instruments 
  • WS 2016: University of Vienna: Gender at Work/in Educational Institutions
  • SS 2016: TU Wien, Insititute of Management Science: Human Resoruce Management and Leadership UE
  • SS 2016: University of Vienna, Faculty of Philosophy and Education (Bildungs- und Berufsbiographien von Frauen/Professional Biographies of Women): Main topics: individualization of women, career plans of young women, Work-Life Balance of female managers 

Current and Former Consulting Activities: