• 5 variable, soundproofed test cabins
  • Universal test bench for gear testing
  • FZG gear test stands
  • Gear measuring device
  • Sound measuring room
  • Vibration measuring system
  • Laser alignment system
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Acoustic measurement systems (sound power measurement)

Devices and equipment

The universal test stand can be used for testing gearboxes.

Universal Prüfstand zur Prüfung von Getrieben, vorzugsweise in der Luftfahrt

Technical details

Power: 300 kW
Maximum speed: 4000 rpm
Maximum torque: 960 Nm

The FZG gear test bench is a testing machine with a power circuit and is used to determine scuffing load capacity, pitting life and micropitting. The transmission gear and the test gear are frictionally connected by two torsion shafts. On one shaft there is a coupling for applying the load by means of levers and weights. The temperature in the test gear can be preset and controlled. The test bench is driven by an electric motor.

FZG-Verzahnungsprüfstand zur Prüfung der Ölklasse

Technical Details

Torque max.: 715 Nm
Speed: 3000 rpm
distance between axes: 91,5 mm
Oil temperature max.: 120 °C

Balancing machine of the company Schenck HM20 is used for balancing of mostly high-speed rotating parts such as shafts, turbine rotors, etc.

Auswuchtmaschine der Firma Schenk, zum Auswuchten von Rotationsteilen

Technical Details

Schenck HM20 BU

Largest rotor weight: 100 kg
Largest rotor diameter: 800 mm
Maximum display sensitivity: 0.8 g*mm
Largest/smallest bearing distance: 1000/50 mm
Balancing speeds: 350-1000 rpm

The shaft test bench allows a tail rotor shaft of a helicopter to be simulated and essential rolling bearing data to be measured and optimized.

Wellenprüfstand mit Heckrotorwelle, Pfeil zeigt auf Heckrotorwelle eines Helikopters

Technical details

RPMs: Operating speeds of the respective helicopters can be simulated
Length of tail rotor shaft: 5-6m
Number of roller bearings: 6