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GEO-Day is the open day of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Wien.

The event was launched in 2018 to raise awareness of the Geodesy and Geoinformation degree programme, reach out to interested parties and offer them the opportunity to spend a day getting a taste of the world of satellite data, laser scanners, virtual reality tools and much more. The GEO-Day is primarily aimed at pupils resp. classes and students, but alumni, friends and relatives are also welcome guests.

The aim of the GEO-Day is to explain the application areas of surveying, earth observation, laser scanning, robotics, geosciences and much more to the visitors by means of practical stations, experiments and short lectures. At almost all stations there are things to try out for yourself, because our goal is to make science "tangible" and to convey it in a playful way. In addition to the Department's research areas, a large number of companies are also present each year to provide an insight into the professional world.

Apart from the on-site GEO-Day at TU Wien, there has also been an annual Online GEO-Week since 2020. This takes place every year at the end of the first school semester. Here, lectures are offered online via Zoom for the duration of a school lesson and can be viewed live by school classes.

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