The research unit “Computational Statistics” (CSTAT) is part of the Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, TU Wien.

As the name indicates, the field of computational statistics is at the intersection of statistics and computer science. The field is very broad, covering topics related to mathematical statistics, statistical methodology, algorithm development, up to the development and implementation of statistical software. These are also the working areas of CSTAT. However, due to the involved people, CSTAT has a tradition with contributions to the fields of Robust Statistics, Compositional Data Analysis, Multivariate Statistics in general, and not to forget, to statistical applications in various different areas.

CSTAT locations

Freihaus”, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 1040 Wien (Secretariat and Prof. Peter Filzmoser)

Goldenes Lamm”, Wiedner Hauptstr. 7, 1040 Wien (all other CSTAT members)

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