How to find us

Location - Vienna city center

map of TU Wiens Freihaus and the surrounding area

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Reached with

  • Subway Station Karlsplatz (U1, U2, U4)
  • Tram 1 und 62 (Resselgasse)
  • Badner Bahn (Resselgasse)

Public Transport

The Badner Bahn stops at Resselgasse tramway station in front of the Freihaus of TU Wien

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To plan your journey, you can use the journey planner , opens an external URL in a new windowof the Viennese public transport (Wiener Linien).

Travel to Vienna

Arrival by train

If you arrive at Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna main station), follow the red sign for the underground U1. Take the U1 (direction Leopoldau) to Karlsplatz (2 stops).

If you arrive at Wien Westbahnhof, follow the orange sign for the underground U3. Take the U3 (direction Simmering) to Stephansplatz (5 stops). Then, follow the red sign for the underground U1. Take the U1 (direction Reumannplatz/Oberlaa) to Karlsplatz (1 stop).

Arrival by plane

If you arrive at Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat), follow the signs and for the airport train station. Then, you have two options:

  • We recommend that you go to the platform and take the S-Bahn S7 (in direction Wien) to Wien Mitte-Landstraße (8 stops). Then, follow the green sign for the underground U4. Take the U4 (in direction Hütteldorf) to Karlsplatz (2 stops). Alternatively, from the airport train station you can also take one of the regional trains (railjets) directed to other Austrian cities (e.g., with final destination Graz, Linz or Salzburg), which stops at Wien Hauptbahnhof. For both these options, the one-way ticket (2 zones) from Vienna International Airport (to any place in Vienna) costs EUR 4,20.
  • You might go to the platform and take the City Airport Train (CAT), which goes directly to Wien Mitte-Landstraße (no intermediate stops). Then, proceed with the U4 as before. The one-way ticket for the CAT costs EUR 12,00 plus EUR 2,40 for the underground resp. EUR 14,40 for a combined one-way ticket.