Various courses are supervised under the direction of Andreas Körner. These fall into the area of service teaching and the compulsory and optional subject catalogue of the mathematics degree programmes at TU Wien and are listed below.

Various courses in the field of modelling and simulation, which are part of the elective course catalogue of the mathematics degree programme, are supervised by the research group. So-called selected chapters (AK) can be taken as part of the compulsory electives in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in mathematics at TU Wien. The Mathematics in Simulation and Education research group offers the following courses in the Modelling and Simulation (AKMOD) and Applications (AKANW) catalogues. 

  • 101.445 SE AKMOD: Mathematical modelling in system simulation
  • 101.759 PR AKMOD: Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
  • 101.787 VU AKMOD: Applied modelling in system simulation
  • 101.852 VU AKMOD/AKANW: Modelling and analysis of the cardiovascular system
  • 101.689 VO Control mathematical models in medicine

The seminar and the practical course are not offered as traditional courses; students can contact us directly if they are interested in such a course. The course emphasises independent work, but of course offers appropriate supervision. However, there is no classroom teaching; after completing the seminar or internship, the work is presented as part of a presentation.

Of course, the courses can also be taken as electives by other degree programmes if interested; the relevant prerequisites are included in the description of the respective courses in TISS.

Written examinations for courses are announced via TISS and the corresponding registration and administration takes place there.

Dates for the oral examinations of some courses are in many cases announced in the corresponding TUWEL or TISS course of the respective course. Oral examinations for courses that are not represented in the respective TUWEL or TISS courses must be arranged by e-mail.

Since the summer semester 2024, the following courses of the Bachelor's degree programme in Mathematics have been supervised by Andreas Körner.

  • 101.665 VO Differential Equations 1
  • 101.666 UE Differential Equations 1

If you are interested in writing a seminar paper, Bachelor's or Master's thesis in the field of modelling and simulation, please contact Andreas Körner by email. Current research topics can be found here, a presentation of all possible topics takes place once a semester as part of the courses listed under Teaching.

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