Standards are among the most important documents in the technical field. At TU Wien, the most important standards are those that are valid in Austria, Germany and the EU.

TU Wien Bibliothek provides all ÖNORM standards, DIN standards, ISO standards and IEEE standards, as well as selected standards from other scientific and technical associations.

Individual standards are not as a rule available in the library catalogue, but via subject databases offered by the library.

PERINORM standards database

The PERINORM, opens an external URL in a new window database is available on the TU Wien campus. This database includes more than 2.1 million records of standards from 29 countries (e.g. ANSI, DIN, ISO, ÖNORM), technical rules, German legislation with technical relevance, and applicable EU directives.

Full texts of the DIN and VDI standards as well as IEEE standards are available here, but there is no access to any full texts of ÖNORM and ISO standards in this database. DIN VDE standards can only be viewed at one library PC on the first floor of the Main Library, next to the "initial consultations" desk.

Austrian Standards "Lesesaal"

In the Austrian Standards Lesesaal, opens an external URL in a new window database, full texts are available in a non-downloadable format of all ÖNORM standards, ISO standards, OIB guidelines, ÖWAV rules and ÖKL codes of practice.

Austrian Standards effects 2.0

In the Austrian Standards effects 2.0, opens an external URL in a new window database, full texts in PDF format are available of selected ÖNORM standards and all ISO standards.

Please note: at present, there may be problems accessing effects 2.0 if you previously used Lesesaal. In that case, please go back to Lesesaal and log off there, before clicking on the effects 2.0 link (or bookmark) once more. Austrian Standards is working on the problem.


IEEE Standards are also available via the IEEE XPlore, opens an external URL in a new window database.

  • Standards that cannot be downloaded: ÖNORM and ISO standards, OIB guidelines, ÖWAV rules, ÖKL codes of practice, DIN standards, IEEE standards:

TU Wien students or employees can access these via TUnet. Students and members of other Austrian universities can access them on-campus in the library via the library terminals in the open-access areas.

  • ÖNORM and ISO standards that may be downloaded and printed:

Only TU Wien students and TU Wien employees have access (login with your TU account).

More information on online access

ÖNORM standards are publications that are subject to copyright. Reproduction or publication on the internet is only permitted after purchasing usage rights. (See also: BGBl., opens an external URL in a new window No. 153/2015 = Standards Act; , opens an external URL in a new windowRights of use of standards / Austrian standards, opens an external URL in a new window ).

Therefore, access to the ÖNORM standards at TU Wien is restricted. You cannot download or print any of these standards. An exception are the ÖNORM standards in PDF format: These may be downloaded and used by members of TU Wien for academic research and teaching purposes (but may not be published on servers). Each ÖNORM PDF downloaded has a watermark with the date and the name of the person who saved it. If the licence agreement is terminated, the downloaded documents must be deleted. The same rules apply to ISO standards in PDF format.

  • TU Wien students and employees can make purchase suggestions for additional standards in PDF format: Purchase suggestions form

  • For ÖNORM EN standards, please use the corresponding DIN EN standard (available in the Perinorm database).