The Institute of Biomedical Electronics addresses the interfacing of electronics with the biological and human world, ultimately aiming for improved strategies in healthcare.

We focus on the development and application of in-vitro, in-vivo, and in-silico systems for biomedical research and applications, on new wearable hardware concepts, on biosystem modelling, and signal processing.

Research Groups

Biomedical Electronics and Systems

Retina on a microelectronic chip, which can measure and stimulate electrical activity.

© Günther Zeck | BME

The focus of our research is the development and application of multi-electrode-based systems to understand and specifically modulate biological cells and circuits.

The underlying assumption is the description of complex biological systems by bioelectronic equivalent circuits.

Biomedical Sensing and Therapy

Right hand with attached blood pressure and oximetry sensors on each finger.

© Eugenijus Kaniusas | BME

Research areas include diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and their individualized closed-loop combination, known as theranostics.

Areas include sensing for anaesthesia fitness, heart rate variability monitoring, electrical impedance tomography, and percutaneous electric auricular vagus nerve stimulation (“electrical pill”).

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Biomedical Electronics - Visit to the Lab

Biomedical Engineering is one of the most popular master's programs at TU Wien. The human body with all its functions is studied in detail, where it needs help - by a prosthesis, a pacemaker, an ear implant, in diagnostics - Biomedical Engineering is at hand and can offer huge support. All faculties are involved with their expertise: Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering,... and of course Electrical Engineering plays a very important role. Professors Günther Michael Zeck and Eugenijus Kaniusas from the Institute of Biomedical Electronics open their doors and laboratories for you.