SIC!, stands for Smart Industrial Concept - and for a doctoral college that is entering its second round due to its continued success. Following the first generation SIC! which has led to eight dissertations and over fifty publications since 2018, a new generation of seven new PhDs will deal with the continuation of the same topic: the energy transition and its influence on various areas of technology and industry. The solutions developed in the process will help to address the emerging challenges in industry, energy production and energy storage.

NextGeneration SIC! is a cooperative doctoral college of the TU Wien that complements industrial expertise with scientific excellence to form a well-rounded overall picture. Science is at the center of the program. The close cooperation with our partners from other research institutions – the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL) - and from industry - A1, EVN, evon and Fundermax - is of central importance.

NextGeneration SIC! focuses on seven young researchers, their training and their scientific progress, which is crucial for the success of the doctoral college. The scientific training is provided by the Faculty and is reinforced by additional training offered by the TU Wien Doctoral School and the AIT and MUL in the areas of presentation techniques, research integrity and research ethics.

The main solutions to be developed in the NextGeneration SIC! college are primarily concerned with (data-driven and statistical) modeling, (mathematical) optimization and digitalization of industrial plants, power generation and energy grids in order to increase the safety, productivity and sustainability of the various economic sectors.


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