SIC! – is a holistic approach to the digitization of industrial processes and applications for the year 2050 and beyond.

The overall goal of NextGeneration SIC! is the digital transformation of industrial energy supply. In the main competence areas of Data Science, Digital Twins, sector coupling and optimization, the PhD students and project partners deal with the interactions between industry and energy production and the possibilities for improvement that digitization can provide here.

However, the training of the PhDs does not only consist of project-related research work with the support of colleagues  from the faculty. The overall package also includes a training program in the area of transferable skills - presentation techniques, research ethics, academic life coaching, pitch training, science communication and much more.

In addition, the lecture "Smart Industrial Concept!, opens an external URL in a new window" is held annually in the summer semester at TU Wien, in which the doctoral college and the applied concepts are presented by the faculty.


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  • decarbonization and digitization of industry
  • complex industrial systems research for digital and technological transformation
  • establishment of interdisciplinary fields of competence
  • keyword "Energy 4.0".
  • increasing the international visibility of the research areas of all participating groups of TU Wien, AIT and MUL
  • establishment of close scientific cooperation between partners
  • creation of joint high-quality publications


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  • detailed demand and process analyses
  • data-driven model development
  • fault detection and prediction
  • data processing and automation
  • mathematical optimization
  • operational optimization
  • statistical data analysis
  • digital twins
  • demand side management
  • white / black / grey box modeling
  • machine learning


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TU Vienna Doctoral School

  • Course "Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Seminar "Understanding Academic Literature Research
  • Academic Life Coaching

AIT PhD Seminar in Hirschegg

  • Research Integrity
  • Pitch Training
  • Science Communication
  • Research Marketing