Pilot: Cities and Buildings (Summer Semester 2023)

The first cycle of our project will take place in the summer semester 2023 and will deal with the topic "Cities / Buildings" in connection with climate change.

Initial exhibition at the TU Wien, 31.01. - 02.02.2023

The kick-off was the inspirational exhibition "Climate and City in Transition". The participatory exhibition invited you to visit five stations curated and realised by students and teachers of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. In addition, works by the artists Daniela Brill Estrada, Monica C. LoCascio and Rolf Laven were shown.

The aim was to convey scientific content in a playful, experimental confrontation, which is subsequently further developed artistically by the participating classes in their individual lessons.

Group photo: Curators, teachers and artists of the exhibition "Climate and City in Transition".

Curators, teachers and artists of the exhibition "Climate and City in Transition".

  • Azra Makic
  • Elisabeth Gföllner
  • Eva-Maria Handler
  • Evlijane Cana
  • Franziska Müller
  • Gabriel Pouvreau
  • Melina Pluskovich

  • Karoline Kladensky
  • Laurenz Katamay
  • Lorenz Paul Poppinger
  • Nicole Klaming
  • Paul Schneider
  • Robin Vlasak

  • Chiara Huf
  • Cosima Sima
  • Jakob Hatter
  • Oliver Stöckigt
  • Simon Pfrogner
  • Verena Kößl

  • Andreas Dreznjak
  • Florian Aufreiter
  • Jan Martin Belzner
  • Larissa Hollub
  • Regina Caterina Manetta
  • Sophie Hauller
  • Stine Janning

  • Anika Krenn
  • Jan Buchacher
  • Lena Puchner
  • Lynn Schintgen
  • Mario Litschauer
  • Odysseas Deutsch
  • Viktoria Anna Haag

  • Emanuela Semlitsch
  • Gesa Witthöft
  • Joana Krappweis
  • Katharina Tielsch
  • Rainer Steurer
  • Stefan Mayr
  • Theresa Schütz

  • Daniela Brill Estrada
  • Monica C. LoCascio
  • Rolf Laven

Art and cultural education workshops in the museums, March/April 2023

The semester will be accompanied by experts, e.g. from the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology on the topic of science education. In addition, there will be workshops for school classes at the Museum of Modern Art, which will focus on the topic of art education.

Final exhibition of the students' works at the mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 23.06. - 25.06.2023

The finale of the pilot round is the exhibition of the students' works at the end of the school year at the mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien.

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Overall Project management and Fundraising

Portrait photo Nicole Moneta

© Klaus Ranger

Content-related project management and coordination

Portrait photo Michael Hoch

© Michael Hoch

Dr. Michael Hoch