We take an interdisciplinary look at track-based transport systems from a technical and economic perspective, including aspects of sustainability and integration into society. We implement this approach both in teaching and in research projects. In addition, numerous cooperations with local transport companies and railway operators underline the ever-present, high application relevance of the research topics and the results. The research area is currently focussing on railway operational and acoustic tasks of the railway system as well as questions of passenger behaviour, customer needs and accessibility in rail transport.


Bernhard Rüger behind speaker's desk
© ÖBB / Lukas Leonte

In cooperation with ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, BMK and SCHIG mbH, the Research Unit of Track-bound Transportation Systems organised the Zielnetz 2040…

Markus Lagler and Norbert Ostermann on the presentation stage
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The Vienna Railway Colloquium, founded by the former head of the Track-based Transport Systems research Unit, Prof. Norbert Ostermann, took place for…