Philipp Preinstorfer

As of October 1, Dr. Philipp Preinstorfer has taken up a scientific position in the course of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of…

Tobias Huber receives the award

Dr. Philipp Preinstorfer received an award for the "12th Carbon and Textile Concrete Days" and Dr. Tobias Huber received an award from the City of…

About us

The Research Unit Structural Concrete deals with the development of innovative manufacturing processes for load-bearing structures made of concrete. The construction methods developed in the course of the research activities represent new approaches to the production of concrete structures, which has been proven by the granting of numerous patents. A declared goal of the company's own research projects is that the load-bearing structures produced according to the new construction methods should have economic advantages and at least the same durability as the structures produced according to the known methods. Through the development of a construction method for bridges without reinforcing steel and the consistent use of high-performance concrete in industrially produced, thin-walled precast concrete girders, it was possible to develop construction methods that guarantee a higher durability compared to the construction methods used so far.