Research Unit of Building Physics

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With our research and teaching, we help in the transformation to a climate-neutral, resilient and affordable built environment.

Our research focuses range from the development of simulation models for neighborhoods, buildings and components to the development of recyclable building materials.

For our research we operate a laboratory where we can measure how materials, components and small buildings behave under acoustic, thermal and hygric loads.

For the power supply of huts in alpine terrain, diesel generators have been used until now. At the Sonnschienhütte, a PV system with battery storage…

On October 5, 2023, the tenth Building Physics Day took place at the TU Wien. This transdisciplinary conference was attended by 130 experts who…

Information about the research area

Lab, Science Center

Site plan building OC in the Science Center


Institute for Materials Technology, Building Physics and Building Ecology
Research area building physics Campus Science Center
Lilienthalgasse 14 - Building OC
A-1030 Wien

The secretariat of the institute's research area is on the 1st floor / first office on the left-hand side. Should the entrance door be closed, please contact the secretariat or the relevant contact person for admittance.


Director of the department

Photo from Thomas Bednar

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Thomas Bednar

Director of the department E207-02
Director of the institute

Phone: number: +43 1 58801 207200

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