Ongoing research projects


View over the roofs of Vienna in the foreground figure of the Viennese city hall man with flag

EU research project Urban Innovation Action (UIA)


[Translate to English:] AIR-to-EIR-to-BEP

© Alexander Gerger, Christian Schranz, Harald Urban

Development of open, modular, and automatable Employer Information Requirements (EIR) and BEPs

AMAzE 2.0

The image shows a data transfer between IFC and GIS

© Daniel Pfeiffer

Automated submission process 2.0

Green SandboxBuilder

Schematic representation of the Green Sandbox Builder project

© Alexander Gerger

Regulatory sandboxes in the field of sustainable construction and refurbishment

BIM - buildingSMART

building SMART Austria

Dissemination and further development of openBIM and the international, manufacturer-independent format IFC