Technical asset valuation in asset management

TAniA is a research project for the assessment of road infrastructure assets. The main objective of TAniA was to develop and practically test a new calculation method as a basis for the technical and strategic decision-making process (keyword maintenance targets). Specifically, the calculation procedure is to determine a condition-based technical asset value and replacement value within the framework of a sustainable life cycle consideration.

For an objective decision in maintenance management, the asset value of the road infrastructure (road, bridge, tunnel, etc.), which can be calculated in different ways (accounting, business management, technical), is a main parameter. In the 3 DACH countries, there are promising approaches for determining a "condition-based technical asset value". This technical asset value could be used as a management tool (Key Performance Indicator, KPI) as well as a comparative value on quality, availability and road safety, taking into account life cycle costs and risks. However, these should be integrated into a unified assessment structure.

TAniA provides an essential decision-making and control basis for estimating maintenance requirements, taking into account specific target values, the decisive condition indicators and, of course, the decisive influencing parameters. An essential prerequisite for an efficient comparison of different networks is a universal calculation approach, which should lead TAniA to a practice-oriented solution. The results can therefore be summarised as follows:

  • Definition of the technical asset value as well as the replacement value
  • Consolidation and preparation of the basics into a holistic assessment framework
  • Development of a methodology with which the technical asset value can be determined on the reporting date and depending on the condition or condition development in combination with any maintenance measures.
  • Development of dynamic life cycle processes for the relevant component groups and sub-categories
  • Development of a control element or process for maintenance planning for different decision-making levels (strategic, technical).
  • Practical testing and development of an implementation guide

Project partners

PMS-Consult, Vienna
Ingenieurbüro für Verkehrswesen und Infrastrukturplanung GmbH (Lead)

AIT - Austrian Institut of Technology, Vienna

TU Braunschweig
Lehrstuhl für Infrastruktur- und Immobilienmanagement

buildup AG, Zurich



FFG D-A-CH Kooperation Verkehrsinfrastrukturforschung 3. Ausschreibung 2018

Project duration: 01.10.2018 until 31.03.2021