BIM-Zert -> BIMcert

Standardised qualification and certification model for Building Information Modelling in Austria


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the current evolutionary stage in the digital planning culture for construction planning and execution in the building industry. The leading Austrian universities in civil engineering developed a coordinated training network with relevant stakeholders in the BIM-Zert project to broaden the application basis and standardise the understanding of BIM in the planning and construction process. The team developed an application-specific, product-independent training concept from the qualification level currently prevailing in Austria in digital building processes, which is now being continued as BIMcert by buildingSMART Austria. The participants familiarise themselves with the strongly networked, process-oriented and interdisciplinary BIM process and learn how to use the necessary tools (particularly the processes) in their field.

This project was done closely with buildingSMART Austria and is based on the manufacturer-independent IFC standard.

Structure of BIMcert

The internationally recognised certification concept of buildingSMART international is structured in two stages. The first level is the Foundation certification. With this, the certified persons demonstrate the following knowledge:

  • You have understood all the basic concepts of BIM and openBIM.
  • They know the roles, essential documents, and standards for correctly handling an openBIM project.

The Foundation level is followed by the second level, the Practitioner certification. This certification is aimed at the practical process of a BIM project. This level did not exist before this research project. The project team took a pioneering position and developed the Practitioner certification for the topics "BIM Coordination" (BIM technical coordination and BIM overall coordination) and "BIM Management" (BIM project management and BIM project control). Since the end of the project, this Austrian development has been adapted for the international market in a buildingSMART Internation working group.

The training then consists of the modules:

  • Special basics (coordination and management)
  • General setup phase (coordination and management)
  • Coordination (Coordination only)
  • Functional training (management only)
  • Process training (management only)
  • BIM Collaboration Workshop (Coordination and Management)


bim-ZERT Project final report (pdf), opens a file in a new window
Project final report with description of the optimised qualification and certification model in German

BIMcert-Manual (pdf), opens a file in a new window
bSAT BIMcert Handbook (Austrian Edition) as a free eBook in English (not printable)

BIMcert Manual print version (Publisher: Mironde), opens an external URL in a new window
This book is also available as a printed book in German (at your local bookshop).


Persons involved

DI Dr. Harald Urban, BSc , opens an external URL in a new window
DI Bettina Chylik, BSc, opens an external URL in a new window
DI Harald Christalon
DI Christoph Eichler
DI Tina Krischmann
DI Melanie Piskernik, BSc
DI Björn Silberbauer

Scientific project partners

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Kuchl
(Project Lead)

Graz University of Technology, Institute for Construction Management and Construction Economics

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Spittal a. d. Drau

Training partners

buildingSMART Austria, opens an external URL in a new window

Überbau Akademie, opens an external URL in a new window (Organisation)

Other partners

15 companies
5 Public contracting authorities and administrations