Resource-conserving refurbishment: Energy-efficient, resource-conserving and differentiated refurbishment of historic European building stock

Project Description

The project will deepen and objectify the knowledge of existing buildings with the aim of developing integral, long-term and life cycle-oriented modernisation scenarios. The international partners will use identical methods and planning instruments to investigate the respective country-specific inventories. The selected buildings in Austria are the residential buildings of the Red Vienna. Within the framework of the research project, several theses will be examined. One focus is the examination of the hypothesis that existing space resources can be used more adequately in the course of integral modernisation. Within the second priority several processes are investigated: the outsourcing of functions, the decentralisation of materials and social infrastructures, the hybridisation of use and the dissolution of system boundaries in buildings and building portfolios. The third focus is the development of the planning methodology as scenario-based integral construction in existing buildings.