Project Description:

The research project DiCYCLE aims at identifying, analyzing and mapping current E-o-L processes in AEC, as well as optimizing these processes for digitalization, using - BIM, blockchain (BC) and smart contracts (SC). The goal is to create new business models and enable sustainable digital planning, construction and deconstruction workflows that facilitate the reuse and recycling of building materials and components along the LC. Furthermore, identifying relevant stakeholders and defining their activities/roles/responsibilities concerning the development of the underlying BIM-Model for the E-o-L-phase is essential. Ultimately, the goal is to enable a transparent, recycling-friendly collection and tracking of building materials and building components along the LC, thus minimizing and reducing waste materials during renovation, deconstruction and demolition. On the one hand, the research project DiCYCLE focuses on BIM-Models that correspond to the actual state of a building ("as-built"), and on the other, on processes and workflows that describe both data changes and the finished construction work. Therefore, identifying data structures for E-o-L-relevant information and linking this data with BIM is essential. BC-based technologies will enable the tracking and verification of this E-o-L-relevant data. Hence, SC need to be developed to track the reuse and recycling of building materials and components in an integrated digital building model thereby enabling even early E-o-L-Assessments. A DiCYCLE-framework will be developed as a proof-of-concept (prototyping), that would demonstrate the implementation of BIM, BC and SC in E-o-L. The project thus represents the continuation of the framework developed in the research projects BIMd.sign and FMChain for the implementation of BC&SC in BIM-supported planning (BIMd.sign) and operation (FMChain). The innovation of the project lies therefore in the integrated perspective of E-o-L data and processes, their coupling with BIM and the verifying / tracking with BC and SC along the LC.