Geometry Discretization for BIM-based Interdisciplinary Data-exchange of Architectural Geometry to Structural Analysis Models

Project Description

The main focus of this research project is on the exchange of geometry data between architectural and structural models, which are used in the design and calculation process where the data and model exchange occurs via the IFC format. This exchange still requires compromises in modeling techniques on both the architecture and structural planning sides. The development of a method for discretizing BIM geometry is necessary to bridge the semantic differences and varying needs from architecture and structural planning (e.g., a floor-to-floor column in an architectural model vs. a continuous column in a FEM model). To this end, algorithms must be developed to create geometric interfaces for the gaps present in IFC, with the goal of producing valid and FEM-ready models. The creation of software that allows users to import IFC geometry, then automatically repair the model and graphically review the results before transferring the model to FEM software, is desirable. This tool aims to significantly reduce the effort required to adapt architectural BIM geometry for use in structural calculations, thus creating a more effective interdisciplinary BIM-supported planning process.