We for you  

The Works Council protects and promotes the economic, social, cultural and health interests of employees. It is responsible for ensuring that the laws, regulations, contracts, decrees and collective agreements applicable to employees are observed and implemented. The aim is to achieve a balance of interests for the benefit of the employees and the company. Note: Project employees belong to the general university staff and are therefore represented by us.

We work for you

  • regular meetings of the entire works council
  • regular exchange regarding labour law
  • in regular meetings with the rectorate, personnel administration, personnel development and AKG, and in individual cases with Works Council for the Academic and Artistic University Staff
  • through the conclusion of works agreements
  • at meetings within the framework of topic-specific working groups (data protection, information security, etc.) 
  • through various committee activities

We advise, mediate and support

  • in individual counselling sessions by appointment in person, by email, by phone, online 
  • by anonymous forwarding of questions and return of answers
  • in accompaniment/counselling for appraisal interviews or  conflicts (if desired)
  • in the case of planned dismissals
  • for workplace health promotion
  • by providing assistance to the disability representative