As the Works Council of the General University Staff, we represent the interests of all general staff. We represent your interests in the economic, health-related, social and cultural areas. We ensure that labour law requirements are adhered to and negotiate the university's working and general conditions.

General staff includes, for example, civil servants / contract staff, private employees (KV), project staff, interns and apprentices.

We are the first point of contact and are happy to advise on questions regarding:

  • unequal treatment/discrimination
  • company agreements
  • Collective agreement
  • mobbing
  • Conflicts
  • Labour law violations
  • Data protection violations

We are there for you: Let's talk to each other 

If there is a conflict or a suspicion of a conflict: Document, take notes and consult a works council member at an early stage!

Contact a works council member you trust!
We are here to help and advise you. All discussions are treated confidentially.