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Head of Research Unit

Scientific Staff


External PhD Students

ECKER Martha MSc
Working title of the dissertation: “Making local refugee inclusion work”. An investigation of three Austrian initiatives centered around refugees through ASID and bricolage
Keywords: refugees, inclusion, bricolage, regional development, ASID

Working title of the dissertation: Urban Living Labs as a Smart City approach: how socio-technical innovation transforms urban development
Keywords: smart cities, socio-technical innovation, urban living labs, urban transition

Working title of the dissertation: Social Infrastructure systems weaving together urban tissues: Strategical Interventions in unequal urban contexts and vulnerable neighborhoods
Keywords: Social Infrastructure systems, Strategic Planning, Urban Tissues, Inequality, Neighborhood Vulnerabilities, Territorial Capital, Urban Sustainability

Tutors (Term 2021S and 2021W)

ANDRONIC Cristian (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
AUTENGRUBER Patricia (Orientierungsphase Raumplanung)
CONNOLLY Virginia (Computergestützte Datenanalyse)
FRANK Florian (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
HAGER Alina (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
KAMMERHOFER Arthur (Methoden der Regionalanalyse, Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
MEINHART Bernhard (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
PRESINSZKY Carmina (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
PUNZ Corina (Computergestützte Datenanalyse)
RIHS Theresa (Trends in der Stadtentwicklung)
SIMHANDL Julia (Räumliche Analytik mit GIS)
STUR Florian (Computergestützte Datenanalyse, Methoden der Regionalanalyse)
URBANIAK Stephanie (Computergestützte Datenanalyse)

Former Head of Research Unit

em.o.Univ.Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter BÖKEMANN [1971 - 2004]
ao.Univ.Prof.i.R. Proj.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfgang FEILMAYR [2004 - 2006]
Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Rudolf GIFFINGER [2006 - 2021]

Former staff (selection)

Alexander Czech, MSc. [2016-2020], Dipl.-Ing. Aurelia Kammerhofer [2016-2019], Martha Ecker, MSc. [2015 - 2019], Mag. Sara Krauze [2018 - 2019], Hui Lu, MSc. [2015 - 2017], Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Latzer, Bakk.techn. [2013 - 2017], MMag. Dr. Gudrun Haindlmaier [2006 - 2017], DI Dr. Florian Strohmayer [2012 - 2016], DI Kurt Weninger [2012 - 2015], Justin Kadi, MSc. PhD [2010 - 2014], DI Herbert Hemis [2013 - 2014], DI Roman Seidl [2009 - 2012], DI Leopold Riedl [1983 - 2011], Mag. Philipp Reinhart [2009 - 2011], DI Roland Hackl [1996 - 2010], DI Verena Riedl [2009 - 2010], DI Dr. Daniela Müller [2001 - 2009], DI Andreas Hocevar [2001 - 2005], DI Sebastian Reinberg [1997 - 2001], DI Andrea Mann [1997 - 2001], DI Dr. Stefan Kollarits [1992 - 1996], DI Dr. Günther Knötig [1988 - 1992], DI Dr. Josef Steinbach, DI Gerald Wödl, DI Dr. Kurt Puchinger