(Interdisciplinary) urban research, urban sociology, social inequality and space, sustainable urban development, international urban development, urban and regional governance, communicative planning

Academic Career

Dr. Alexander Hamedinger studied economics at WU Vienna and sociology at the University of Vienna (not completed). He wrote his dissertation at the then Institute for Spatial Planning and Regional Development at WU Vienna on the topic of "Space, Structure and Actions as Categories of Development Theory". From 1996-1998 he worked as a project assistant at WU Vienna in the research fields of "spatial governance and social inequality". He was a university assistant at the TU Wien from 1998 to 2014 and has been a lecturer at the TU Wien, Institute of Spatial Planning, Sociology Research Department since 2014. He holds a venia docendi in urban and regional sociology. He wrote his habilitation thesis on "urban-regional governance, space and social cohesion". Alexander Hamedinger is a member of European research and planning networks dealing with space-related research, policy and planning. He is author and co-editor of numerous publications in the below mentioned topics of his research and teaching activities.

Teaching and Research

In teaching and research, Alexander Hamedinger focuses on the topics of urban sociology, spatial theories, governance, planning theories, spatial planning policy, international urban development as well as methodology and research and planning design. In these fields he is concerned on the one hand with conveying theoretical and methodological foundations for spatial research and planning and on the other hand with discussing the contribution of these foundations to the solution of planning and socio-spatial problems.

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  • ProShare – Enhancing Diversity, Inclusion and Social Cohesion through Practices of Sharing in Housing and Public Space


  • Städtestrategien gegen Armut und soziale Ausgrenzung (together with Jens S. Dangschat, Oliver Frey and Andrea Breitfuss)
  • Urban Redevelopment and Social Polarization in the City (at WU Wien, lead: Andreas Novy)
  • Die Rolle von politischen Kulturen in der Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung
  • European Metropolitan Governance
  • Promoting Action for Sustainability Through Indicators at the Local Level
  • Räumliche Entwicklungen in Österreichischen Stadtregionen: Handlungsbedarf und Steuerungsmöglichkeiten
  • Regionale Entwicklungspartnerschaft NÖ-Mitte – Oromia (Äthiopien)
  • Energiebewusste Stadtentwicklung
  • Smart City Governance in kleineren und mittleren Städten in Österreich
  • Cultures of Play in informal settlements in Mumbai