SE 280.954 | Fokus Raumplanung - Umweltprüfung bei Städtebauvorhaben (Course in German)

Urban development projects must be subject to an environmental impact assessment (EIA) under certain conditions, in Vienna so far the urban development projects “Hauptbahnhof Wien” and “Aspern Seestadt Nord” underwent an EIA. Recent judicial decisions regarding the “Heumarkt “project or the housing project “Berresgasse” as well as an ongoing infringement procedure indicate that far more urban development projects and probably even monofunctional housing projects will have to be subject to an EIA in the future. This raises legal questions and causes legal uncertainties, especially for project developers. In this seminar we will work out these issues and, through group works and short presentations, discuss possible improvements for environmental assesments for urban development projects. At the end of the seminar we will simulate a plenary debate with experts from this field (VÖPE and ÖIR). 


Dragana Damjanovic

Prof. Dragana Damjanovic

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Sabine Reissner

Mag. Sabine Reissner

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