Thematic map representing the green framework (Vienna - Donaustadt)

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das grüne Gerüst - ein Strukturkonzept

Project description

Period: 2012-2013


Starting from a rather village-like structure, Donaustadt is one of the fastest growing districts in Vienna. Since 1961, the number of inhabitants has almost tripled from about 57,000 to more than 163,000 today. A forecast for the year 2030 predicts a further increase in the population to up to 225,000. Despite the size and population figures, the structure of the district resembles a patchwork of very different settlement and open spaces, and it is noticeable how the strong development dynamics have gradually but profoundly taken hold of the evolved structures, reshaped them, changed them and will continue to change them.

It is striking that existing plans and concepts usually address only spatial subareas or sectoral subconcepts. Different competencies and responsibilities, also related to the interaction of public and private development interests, add to the fact that coordinated and networked action, based on a common spatial vision, is not a natural reality. 

The task of the strategic plan will be to bundle and network these subspatial and sectoral concepts as well as the interests of the participating actors and stakeholders in the sense of a sustainable overall perspective and to create a basis for further developments in this area. On the basis of a presentation of the status quo and the city-wide development intentions, goals must be defined and agreed upon, existing land and development potentials must be localized and prioritized, and instruments for their activation must be developed and implemented. Within the framework of a platform, the various demands and interests for the development of the area are to be recorded, recorded and bundled. Only on such a basis can future scenarios and models, as well as coherent concepts, be created.


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This project had been carried out on behalf of the City of Vienna, MA21B.


Handling: Rudolf Scheuvens, René Ziegler, Philip Krassnitzer, Bernhard Siquans, Patrick Klein - TU Wien, IFOER