Cycle of the project visualized with drawings

© Christoph Bus

Project description

Development of demand-oriented, socially inclusive educational spaces - to be continued at the place of importance

The PLACE OF IMPORTANCE project aims to drive innovation in research and teaching at TU Wien by strategically strengthening socially inclusive, informal educational spaces. The focus is on the initial care and longer-term integration of immigrants and, in particular, of those seeking protection from crisis areas. Current "ad hoc" initiatives of TU Wien and other partner organizations will be conceptually located as need-oriented educational spaces and examined with regard to their development as emergency quarters and their transformation into longer-term mobile, informal integration facilities (experiences, requirements, etc.). An organizational link to these initiatives has been and is being established through university teaching, which brings with it sustainable effectiveness and continuous development. The accompanying socio-spatial innovations in the context of building and planning culture are to be investigated. At the same time, a strategic networking of activities in the field of research and teaching at TU Wien will be pursued in order to strengthen the socio-political relevance of the university curriculum and also to elaborate the manifold interfaces to technological innovation.

The innovative educational landscapes resulting from the educational spaces are urgently needed in view of social fragility and the challenges in urban and regional development.


This project was funded by the EXCITE initiative 2016/17 at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at TU Wien.


Handling: TU Wien, IFOER: Christian Peer, Emanuela Semlitsch / TU Wien, Institute of Art and Design 1: Karin Harather, Renate Stuefer