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Housing research

This research theme analyzes political, institutional, economic and technological dynamics of change in housing systems and their effects on society. 

This includes: changes in housing systems in the context of macro-societal transformation since the 1980s (including processes of globalization, neoliberalization, financialization and the rise of platform economies); the impact of these changes on housing conditions and social geographies (especially regarding socio-spatial inequality and gentrification); the role of housing in the welfare state and how it is transforming in the context of changing housing systems since the 1980s. The geographical focus is on advanced economies, with a particular emphasis on Austria and Vienna. The methodological take is multidisciplinary and combines approaches from political economy, geography, political science, sociology and critical accounting.

The research theme is embedded in the activities at the Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy. It contributes to faculty-wide research in the field of Social Infrastructure and is associated with the TU Wien research field Urban and Regional Transformation. Team members feed the topics of the research theme into the study program Spatial Planning at TU Wien. In this context, the writing of diploma theses is also possible. The research projects of the theme are funded by national and international agencies. We cooperate with partners from academia, public administration and practice.

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  • Ngoc Doan, Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, TU Wien
  • Harald Baron, Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, TU Wien
  • Matthias Tischler, Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, TU Wien