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The library includes books and journals on the following subject areas:


Manuals and overviews
General data collections for Austria
Austrian economy in general and international economy
Sectoral statistics
Regional and local statistics
Households of selected local authorities
Data (excluding households) on local government and parafisci
Transport and other infrastructure

Hand dictionaries, Encyclopedias, bibliographies
Philosophy of Science


Textbooks on economics
Methodology and history of economic doctrines
Methods of empirical economic research, (input/output analysis, indicators, econometric models)
National accounts
Macroeconomics, money and currency
Economic policy in general, regulatory policy and general competition policy
Foreign trade, international and country-specific economics
Labor market and demography
Law and economy
Economy by sectors
Economic and financial history
Economic development, technological change, growth
Political economy
Resource and environmental economics
Institutional economics

Urban and regional economics, spatial planning, housing

Urban and regional economics
Municipal science
Regional planning, land use planning and urban development


Textbooks and handbooks on finance and fiscal policy
Financial theory, theory of the public sector, welfare state
Goals, instruments and effects of government action
Budgeting and fiscal equalization
Public revenues incl. debt
Public expenditure
Planning and evaluation of public (excluding municipal) expenditures and projects, investment and financial planning
Economic theory of polit. Behavior (New Political Economy)
Market failure, externalities, social costs
Government failure, planning errors
Regulation / deregulation, socialization / privatization
Property and disposal rights, norms, commandments, incentives
Social security, social insurance, social policy

Infrastructure, public and publicly funded services (excluding transport)

Infrastructure, public and publicly funded services: Theories, planning and policy, effects; textbooks
Public enterprises in general, public utility, public utilities
Costs (investment and consequential) and financing of infrastructure facilities / public services
Energy industry
Water management
Waste management
Education, training, universities
Research and development
Art, culture
Sports, recreation, leisure
Social services
Internal security (police, courts, penal system, fire department, disaster relief)
External security (military), disarmament
Information technologies, telecommunications, postal services


Theoretical foundations of transport and transport economics; textbooks
Methods of traffic planning and empirical traffic research
Transport-specific operating and infrastructure costs, transport organization and financing, transport-related taxes and charges
Transport policy, concepts and programs, empirical studies

Formal sciences

Mathematics, mathematical economic theory
Econometrics, Statistics
Operations Research, Game Theory
Systems theory and analysis
Forecasting and simulation
Applications of formal scientific methods (forecasting, simulation, models)

Sociology, Political Science

Sociology, political science in general; textbooks
Planning theories in general, relationship politics - society - planning, participation
Sociology of settlements

Administrative science, organizational theory

Administration (administrative economics, business administration), bureaucracy, organization, organizational development - theories and methods; textbooks

Empirical works on administration and organization

Business administration
Business administration in general; textbooks
Information, business planning, marketing
Production, procurement, warehousing
investment theory, investment and financial planning, cost accounting, accounting, business finance
Legal forms of companies

Laws, regulations and other government standards
Academic theses, carried out at IFIP or by IFIP members
Institute projects, publications by institute members