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Opening hours during the academic year:

Monday to Friday from 09.00-13:30

Opening hours during holiday periods:

Tuesday and Wednesday from 09.00-13:30

Library service:

1040 Vienna, Karlsgasse 11, 2nd floor
Borrowing: Secretariat
Extension: by e-mail to the secretary's office (
Administration: Ilse Bednar

First-time use:

A valid photo identification must be brought along for the computer registration of the borrower when using the library for the first time.

Borrowing period:

In general 8 weeks, for some books (especially textbooks) shorter.
If this period is exceeded, a fee of € 0.5 per book and (started) week will be charged.


Due to the current COVID situation, please write the book title to be borrowed by e-mail to the secretary's office, opens an external URL in a new window. You will then be notified of the pick-up date.

Works published before 2005 were transferred to the main library in the course of the institute's relocation and are NOT available at the Research Department.