03. December 2019, 09:00 Bis 19:30

Computing Is Too Important to Be Left to Men


In workshops and a public panel discussion, international experts investigate women-promoting measures and present successful concepts.



Informatics (or Computer Science) and its artefacts are major drivers of change with enormous personal, societal, economic and political impact. Digitalization, the process to transform a whole society into "the digital" by adopting digital technologies, is mainly driven by computer scientists. However, who are these computer scientists who are going to change the world so drastically? To the large majority, Informatics students and scientists are male, but female participation and their contribution are necessary to give digitalization a social face and to avoid technocratic solutions.


In order to change the situation and to promote gender diversity, measures are necessary to encourage young women to study Informatics and to support them during their (academic) career. This workshop is devoted to the questions of how to support young women in Informatics studies, what support measures are appropriate and how successful these measures are.


In the morning, four speakers from different universities present their initiatives and finding. The talks are focused on the following questions:


Which activities and initiatives have been launched at the speaker's university?

What is the effect and the impact?

Which evaluations have been performed with which result?


The afternoon is devoted to two topics to be discussed in two groups:


T1: What are best practice examples and new activities?

T2: How can the support measures been evaluated and which framework is necessary?



U.S. Army Photo

U.S. Army Photo No. 163-12-62 Ltr: Patsy Simmers (mathematician/programmer), holding ENIAC board; Mrs. Gail Taylor, holding EDVAC board; Mrs. Milly Beck, holding ORDVAC board; Mrs. Norma Stec (mathematician/programmer), holding BRLESC-I board.



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