13. Oktober 2021, 09:00 bis 13:00

#EoI - The Art of Effective Communication


Communication is happening daily, almost every minute, yet many people never learn the basics of good, effective exchange of information between a sender and a receiver. To communicate better is the first step to get your messages across, to be better understood by others and to get from others what you really wanted! Effective communication is more than just sending the right messages, it actually starts with good listening skills, with understanding the different communication channels and how to use them wisely – and last but not least: how to give feedback if something went wrong. In this workshop we are going to touch all of this in a very practicable way with easy-to-implement-tools and a mix of interactive games to practice what we’ve discussed.

About the speaker


Michaela Lindinger is founder & CEO of braininspa, an executive sparring and employee experience company. Braininspa nudges visionary leaders and entrepreneurs to the right structures, habits and mindset for maximizing their healthy high performance.


Michaela worked with Fortune 500 organizations around the world on digital strategies and large scale transformation projects, value creation and innovation assignments in multi-million-dollar projects. She has also worked with several startups and international corporate talents across industries to prepare their mindset for the digital transformation and adjusting their business models to become agile and purpose-driven.


Michaela is a millennial serial founder (3x CEO / Co-Founder) and experienced corporate executive, but also a passionate mom and family-manager. She is author and university lecturing professor for innovation, business models and leadership since the age of 29, a member of the international FORBES© Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. She holds an International Business Masters Degree from Austria and a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology from the UK/London.



About the Engines of Innovation Series


The Engines of Innovation Series organized by the TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) is a format that offers workshops to scientists who are seeking to broaden their horizons in the field of innovation and healthy high performance. These workshops are free of charge to scientists from all faculties and institutes of TU Wien. Registration required.

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