Vortrag von Prof. Roland Thewes (TU Berlin), 27. Jänner 2023

Design of CMOS Micro Electrode Arrays for Neural Tissue Recording and Stimulation with high Spatiotemporal Resolution

CMOS-basierter Chip mit einem Elektroden Array Sensorfeld detektiert und stimuliert grün fluoreszierende Neurone.

© Günther Zeck | BME

CMOS Mikro Elektroden Array mit Neuronen


Micro Electrode Arrays (MEAs) have become a technical standard tool to record nerve signals from neural tissue and to stimulate the tissue.

Whereas MEA technology had begun with passive devices - i.e. with chips hav-ing no active electronic devices on board - and with such devices still having a broad application area today, aiming for far increased spatiotemporal resolution within the last two decades active CMOS-based MEAs have been developed.

In this seminar talk, we will highlight related design philosophies of high-density CMOS MEAs, consider CMOS integration issues with respect to interfacing materials, and discuss circuit design aspects with respect to signal-to-noise issues.


Datum: 27. Jänner 2023, 10 Uhr

Raum:Seminarraum 362-1, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster