Konferenz: International Conference of Civil Engineering ICCE 2023 - Tirana

18.-20. Mai 2023 - Tirana (Albanien) Die zweite internationale Konferenz für Bauwesen ICCE 2023

Präsentationen zusammenfassen - Tirana 2023

Four of us attended the 2nd Internetional Conference of Civil Engineering ICCE 2023, with the following talks:

Prof. Agathe Robission as a keynote speaker: "'Behavior of a fresh cement mortar under pipe flow''.

Benedetta Costa: ''Eco-sustainable binder for masonryconsolidation''.

Meriton Ramizi: ''Concept development for the design of a permeable paving stone''.

Jonannes Kirnbauer: ''Explosive spalling of concrete under fire load -  A review of spalling theory development''.


We would like to thank the wonderful people who organised this second conference in Tirana, and joined us during the whole trip: Dean Prof. Florim Grajcevci (Technical University of Prishtina, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Prishtina), Dean Prof. Neritan Shkodrani (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Tirana).