ETIA Faculty Spotlight: Klaus Rapp

Get to know the lecturer for “Environmental Impact Assessment” in the MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs program.

Klaus Rapp

Klaus Rapp studied biochemistry and biotechnology, graduating from the Technical University Graz in 1996. Since then he has been working in the field of environmental management and waste management is currently the managing director of VUM Verfahren Umwelt Management GmbH in Klagenfurt/Austria. His main activities are the management of projects and the analysis of environmental impacts, especially in the field of energy- and waste technologies.

Dr. Rapp, who is a member in different national and international working groups for environmental politics, is teaching “Environmental Impact Assessment” in the MSc program Environmental Technology & International Affairs at the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education.


What are the key aspects of your lecture?

"In my lecture, I provide insights into Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments, including their legal foundations as well as practical examples. Students get the opportunity to discuss environmental challenges in the context of the implementation of large-scale projects."


What is the difference of teaching in the ETIA program compared to a regular study program? Any special challenges?

"Due to the international orientation of the ETIA program, students are very open-minded and willing to discuss varying approaches across countries. I am convinced that the combination of the training at the DA and at the TU is crucial, enabling ETIA alumni to deal with complex environmental issues and to analyse them from different angles."


You are supervising no less than three Master’s Theses in the current cohort. What do you enjoy about working with the students on their specific research interests?

"I really enjoy accompanying young, motivated people and assisting them during their research. It is fascinating to observe how quickly and independently students can deep-dive into specific topics."


What do you think are the prospects of graduates on the (international) labor market? What advice would you give the young men and women?

"There are currently many possibilities in the working world for ETIA alumni, especially in the fields of environmental sciences and technology, which require a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. The job opportunities have certainly improved in recent years, partly due to the increasing orientation of society and the economy towards sustainability. I can also confirm this from my professional experience as I have the honor to work with several ETIA alumni who can apply their gained academic knowledge perfectly and are following successful career paths."


Anything else you would like to share with (prospective) ETIA students?

"We are facing a plethora of challenges to overcome in the next years and decades, especially in the areas of energy, climate and environment. We absolutely need well-trained young people - such as ETIA graduates – to foster a sustainable development of our society."



This interdisciplinary MSc Program Environmental Technology & International Affairs is a joint program of the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. It is a pioneering project in its combination of international issues and environmental technology.

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