APCC Special Report

Buchdeckel: APCC Special Report: Landnutzungund Klimawandel in Österreich

APCC Special Report: Landnutzung und Klimawandel in Österreich

The APCC Special Report: Land Use and Climate Change in Austria is out!
This report summarises and evaluates current knowledge on land use and climate change and their interdependencies, in awareness of the interlinkages between the climate and biodiversity crises and geopolitical changes. It presents and evaluates the options for action to adapt to and mitigate climate change.
It features 130 authors from many scientific disciplines, among which Matthias Zessner and Ottavia Zoboli, who mostly contributed to the thematic chapters on the options for adapting land use to climate change and on land use and climate change in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.
The report was commented on by more than 50 people and stakeholders in an open and transparent review process.
A technical summary contains the key messages of the chapters, and the summary for political decision-makers summarises the statements of the report.

Cou can freely download the openaccess book pdf or PUB (in German
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