Lena Schönthaler

Summer semester 2022

Studying International Facility Management in Groningen, Netherlands, through the Erasmus program has been an incredible experience. As a student from TU Vienna, I went on this journey filled with curiosity and excitement, and I can confidently say it has exceeded all my expectations. Groningen's vibrant atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming community have made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived.

Academically, the exchange program has provided me with invaluable insights and perspectives that I wouldn't have gained otherwise. I learned to look at buildings from the users’perspective, learnt about indoor climate, environmental psychology and had training in financial management and information dashboards which are used to manage a building.

Engaging in classes taught by Dutch professors has broadened my understanding of my field of study and challenged me to think critically in new ways.

I was in an international classroom with students from Spain, Finland, Germany, Rumania, Cyprus and the Netherlands so a nice mix of cultures. The classes intercultural awareness gave me many insights into these cultures and how to work together.

Beyond the classroom, living in Groningen has allowed me to immerse myself in Dutch culture, its city life and explore its charming architecture (which as an architecture student filled my heart with joy). From cycling along the canals to sampling local delicacies at the Groninger market, every day brings a new adventure and opportunity for cultural exchange.

Moreover, the friendships I've formed with locals and fellow international students have taught me a lot. Sharing stories and learning from each other's backgrounds has changed and pushed me to try new things. It will not always be easy but looking back all the positive memories will outweigh the times that were challenging.

Overall, my Erasmus semester in Groningen has not only broadened my horizons but also enriched my personal growth. I am grateful for the opportunity I had and I will carry the memories and lessons learned there with me forever.

Looking forward to paying this city and its people a visit sometime soon!

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