Welcome to VADOR

Variational Analysis, Dynamics & Operations Research, or VADOR for short, is a small but dynamic research unit lead by Prof. Aris Daniilidis. Nestled within the TUW´s Institute for Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, VADOR offers courses and research opportunities on a variety of  themes relating to variational control and operations research, among them optimal control theory, game theory, optimization techniques and the application of operations research in economics.

The research unit is also responsible for the organisation of the highly respected Viennese Conference on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games, now in its 15th iteration, which attracts scientists from around the world to Vienna and the TUW.

VADOR succeeds ORCOS (Operations Research and Control Systems Theory).

Variational Analysis, Dynamics & Operations Research (VADOR E105.04)

Institute for Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics

TU Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Freihaus Gebäude, 4th Floor, yellow zone

Telephone +43 1 58801 10541