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14. März 2018, 12:30 bis 14:45

Vorlesung "Searching prior art based on patent applications" VU 061.001


Semester hours: 2.0
Credits: 3.0
Type: VU Lecture and Exercise

Course Dates

Wed   14.03.2018   12:30-14:45   Festsaal, Karlsplatz 13, 1st floor, 1040 Wien; kick-off meeting (mandatory)
Tue    10.04.2018   10:00-11:30   Boecklsaal, AA; advising session
Tue    24.04.2018   14:00-15:30   ZID Schulungsraum, Freihaus EG, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8; advising session
Wed   09.05.2018   13:00-14:30   Boecklsaal, AA; kick-off teammeetings (presence mandatory)
Tue    15.05.2018   10:00-11:30   will be announced asap; team meeting (mandatory)
Tue    22.05.2018   10:00-11:30   will be announced asap; team meeting (mandatory)
Tue    29.05.2018   10:00-11:30   Boecklsaal, AA; advising session
Tue    05.06.2018   10:00-11:30   will be announced asap; team meeting (mandatory)

Aim of course 

The vast majority of publicly available technical knowledge is stored in patent databases. The lecture is aimed to empower participants to successfully find and use this knowledge for their own academic activities as well as to avoid duplication of research.

Students of this course are to learn methods and concepts to efficiently perform and document searches within patent databases. Support is given on a regulary basis by the lecturer as well as external experts in the field. This hands-on course is aimed at students above bachelor level (MSc / PhD / Dr.) who want to gain knowledge and skills for systematically planning and executing searches within patent literature and thereby expand their own expertise! 

Subject of course 

The first lecture part comprises of an introduction to the topics of patent grant procedure, structure of patents, classification of subject matter. Furthermore search strategies and tools are presented. In the second part students are to form teams to prepare and perform searches on given subject matter.
Thereby skills to prepare, perform and document professional searches using relevant tools are gained.

Learning outcomes:

•Participants are able to distinguish between different types of intellectual property
•Participants can explain the structure of patents and the process of patent grant procedures
•Participants can use this knowledge in the preparation of the searches and in the interpretation of the serach results
•Participants can name use cases which are well suited for the deployment of professional research.
•Participants are able to present a specific search strategy to solve a given problem.
•Participants can name different patent databases and apply learned search strategies therein.
•Participants can document their search, summarize its results.  


•Inverted Classroom supported by e-learning (TUWEL) and external online courses (EPO, British IPO, USPTO) to aquire knowledge of the course subjects. Appointments for questions with the lecturers.
•Specific search tasks are to be solved and documented; individually and team-based
•Characterisation of different Patent databases, team-based

Additional Information 

Attendance required at the kick-off meeting and team meetings (mandatory). Lecturers
Hofmann, Karin
Schlechter, Burkhard
Pföstl, Andreas








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