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19. Januar 2023, 09:00 bis 17:00

Online Course - Introduction to Working on the VSC Clusters


In this course we will help you getting started on the VSC clusters, Austria's most powerful supercomputers. We'll focus on using the VSC clusters and especially their queuing system efficiently.

With running and developing software on a supercomputer there are many similarities and fewer but crucial differences compared to your desktop PC. Focusing on hands-on teaching throughout the course, you will immediately try out what you've heard and adapt it to your own needs.

This course is from beginners level (the first steps on a supercomputer) to intermediate level (some experience on VSC or an other compute cluster) and equally relevant to those who will merely be running existing software as to those who will develop scientific codes (however, without actually teaching supercomputer programming – if you would like to learn parallel programming, please refer to our MPI, OpenMP, or CUDA courses).

Agenda & Content:

09:00 - 12:15   morning session (intro, login, storage, modules, spack, compiling, SLURM basics)
12:15 - 13:15   lunch break (time for the lunch break is tentative !)
13:15 - 14:45   afternoon session (SLURM advanced, special hardware - GPU, binf)
14:45 - 17:00   individual support (on appointment only)

A more detailed timetable can be found in the slides: vsc.ac.at/training/2023/VSC-Intro-Jan/, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster

Course Format:

This course will be delivered as a LIVE ONLINE COURSE (using Zoom) for remote participation.


You should be able to work on the Linux command line and be familiar with login to a remote Linux machine. Otherwise please take our Linux-course prior to this course.

Hands-on Labs:

All participants will get a temporary training user for the course. You will use your own laptop or workstation to connect to VSC and do the hands-on exercises. If you use Windows please install the following software packages prior to the course: PuTTY (https://www.putty.org) and FileZilla (https://filezilla-project.org) or winscp (https://winscp.net/eng/index.php).

Accepted participants will be contacted a few days before the course and asked to do a short PRE-ASSIGNMENT that has to be completed before the course starts.


Claudia Blaas-Schenner, Markus Hickel, Siegfried Höfinger, and Jan Zabloudil (VSC Research Center, TU Wien)


Presentations will be in English, support during the hands-on sessions is available both in English or German.

Date, Time, and Location:

19.01.2023, 09:00 - 14:45 CET, LIVE ONLINE COURSE (using Zoom)
19.01.2023, 14:45 - 17:00 CET, Individual support (on appointment only)

Prices and Eligibility:

This training is free of charge and open for users (or soon to be users) of the VSC clusters only.

Course Material:

Course material is published on the VSC website: vsc.ac.at/training/2023/VSC-Intro-Jan/, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster

Please note, we will update the course material and the agenda shortly before the course starts.




Wien Zoom



Vienna Scientific Cluster
Claudia Blaas-Schenner and Ulrike Faltin











Anmeldung erforderlich


Registration for this course starts on December 2, 2022 on the VSC website: vsc.ac.at/training/2023/VSC-Intro-Jan/, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster

Registration deadline is Sunday, January 15, 2023; but only as long as places are available.

Following your successful registration, you will receive further information approx. 1 week before the course.