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Green power storage with pump turbine

scalable modular pump turbine for electric power of 0.5 MW to 15 MW

  • highly efficient storage system with system efficiency of 70-80%
  • short switchover time between electricity storage and generation
  • cost-effective, due to the use of serially manufactured standard components, as well as to the use of water in two reservoirs
  • modular system of identical impeller and motor/generator units, in combination with commercially available frequency converters
  • long service life with consistent quality; short production time
  • for the regionally autonomous energy management to cover demand peaks
  • well suited for combination with other storage technologies - provides a reliable basis for hybridization

Level of Innovation

  • decentralized and autonomous power management at low and medium voltage level - protects against blackout; medium-term independence from the higher-level voltage or high-voltage system
  • first fully modularized pump turbine manufactured in series for low-cost storage systems

Target Groups and Applications

  • energy-intensive large-scale industrial facilities
  • municipal or decentralized energy supply
  • builders and operators of wind power or photovoltaic sites
  • grid operators and transregional energy suppliers
  • industry with highly fluctuating electric power demand or with the potential to supply electric power
  • showcase regions, regional and urban planning
  • utilization of existing water reservoirs and unused caverns or shut-down mines and pits
  • flexibility enhancement of existing high-pressure hydropower plants through retrofitting
  • highly efficient system offering large storage capacity for low-cost and rare-earth-metal-reduced hybrid storage solutions


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Illustration of the sectional model of a 5-stage pumpturbine

model – Pumpturbine with 5-stages

Count of the upper operating range of the pump turbine.

© TU Wien

Count of the upper operating range of the pump turbine.

© TU Wien

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